Couples Watch Explicit Adult Movies Together For First Time—Involves Awkwardness & Disbelief

It's strangely telling that the guys in this video, where couples watch hardcore porn together for the first time, for some reason aren't quite as vocal as the women. The women spend most of the vid either in disbelief in what they're seeing, shocked, or pointing out how unrealistic it all is.

Which basically says they haven't really watched a lot of porn before. The guys meanwhile, they say a few words, but for some reason they're suspiciously quieter. I wonder why?

Probably because they've seen it all before, many times, so they pretty much know exactly what to expect.

Nothing is going to faze them, they've seen the depths of pro porn, it's terrible corny acting and depravity, awful plot lines, and they are unshakeable.

The main takeaway, it seems, is that rather than being something exciting and enjoyable, watching porn with your girlfriend/boyfriend is just really awkward and not to be tried. Not with these guys anyway.

Because the majority of this video is the guys trying to pretend they don't know what things like "DP" mean, while not wanting to creep out their girlfriends because they know exactly what it means.

It does have some good lines throughout it though, lines like ""Ooohhh no, I hate fisting."


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