Dad Gets Really, Really Mad At Son While Helping Him Out With A School Vlog Project

Do a vlog project with your dad they said. It'll bring you closer together they said. Aaaand it didn't. For a sociology class project this kid was tasked with making a vlog with his dad.

So he went ahead and did it, except his dad didn't take to well to it AT ALL.

Instead of just answering questions like "If you could go to any nightclub in the world for one night, what country would it be?" and humoring his son for his project, the dad gets really, really angry and upset.

Furious, you might say.

To be fair to the dad the kid does ask some stupid questions, but it's still hilarious to see the dad get so mad. And as an added bonus, now dad can get even more mad because his uptight face has gone viral.

Proof that it's a very unfair world with no justice--if you happen to be a burdened parent.


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