Screaming Fangirls In Their Natural Habitat - David Attenborough Observes This Strange Culture

When it comes to animal observation Sir David Attenborough has had a career that's spanned decades and he's come into contact with some of the most exotic creatures the world has to offer.

But never before has he come close to something quite as terrifying as the teen girl music fan.

Splicing up some of Sir Atty's (it's what the Queen of England calls him) nature narration with footage of screaming fangirls, YouTuber Ali Jardz has created something downright hilarious. Here's his description of the vid:

David Attenborough observes the most dangerous species of all: homo screamius, more commonly known as Fangirls.

Choice quote: "Each animal in the superherd is following its own instincts to survive. And travelling in huge numbers is itself very advantageous.

But there’s no organization or hierarchy, there are no leaders. Any animal could start moving and thousands might follow." I literally cannot even.


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