Fake Pandas Of The Day: Italian Circus Dyes Chow Chow Puppy Dogs To Look Like Cute Bears

Think you could tell the difference between a panda bear and a chow chow puppy with dyed fur? Visitors to the travelling Orfei Circus in Bescia, Italy couldn't and were tricked into taking pictures with white chow chows who were made up to look like baby pandas by strategically dying parts of their fur black.

Patrons to the circus had their photos taken with the fake pandas before the show, and the circus would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky people at the Animal Protection Party (APP)— who were visiting the circus when they noticed something suspicious about the panda cubs.

From Giornalettismo.

Some of our members, paying the entrance fee—the President of the Animal Protection Party Fabrizio Catelli—went to see the shows. But something seemed creepy. At the entrance of the circus were two animals that were presented as panda cubs. The staff invited families to take pictures with children in the company of those sweet balls of fur.

In fact when our volunteers approached them they realized that those animals had nothing to do with the original ursid hybrids. It was, in reality, two dogs, chow chows, painted with the colors of a panda in black and white. We consider it unacceptable that the animals are ridiculed for the pleasure of others, and not least for economic reasons.

The owner of the circus has been charged with fraud, as the dogs were imported from Hungary using two false passports.


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