This Kid's Death Stare Shows Disneyland Is The Unhappiest Place On Earth

Disneyland, the place where joyful, lifelong memories are formed that will be taken into adulthood and cherished like little memory babies that grow more nostalgic as the years tick by.

At least, that's the idea but someone forgot to tell this guy and his Disneyland Death Stare that you're supposed to enjoy yourself. But that's what can happen when you reach those difficult teenage years. Everyone's excited to go see Mickey expect you—all you want to do is act like Napolean Dynamite on a come down.

Although this guy's only playing at being moody—hilariously set to Chamillionaire's "Ridin'"—it sums up our collective teenage disgust at having to go on another fam vacation to f*cking Walley World.

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