It's A Dog's Life—Popular Magazine Covers Get Reimagined With Dogs

If you wondered if anyone still reads magazines any more, dogs do. Well, they at least feature on the front of them, or they do in this highly amusing and adorable project commissioned by ChromAnimals (billed as 'the perfect way to honor your favorite lifestyle companion'), anyway.

For it they asked Philadelphia-based graphic designer John Francis Try to take some popular magazines and re-imagine them as though they were for dogs. Why? Well, just because i guess.

It's like if the whole world was run by dogs, or at least commissioning desks in magazine editorial departments were. So mags like Vanity Fair, Popular Science, and Rolling Stone not only get reimagined with dog cover stars. But they get doggy titles to.

Vanity Fur, Pupular Science, and Rolling Bone are the new, more mutt-friendly titles. And the articles have just as many dog-related puns in them as well.

It's all in good fun and if dogs could read they'd no doubt be interested to check these out.

But they can't read, so if they were real magazines the dogs would probably just chew them up and scatter the pieces over your living room floor.Either way you can be sure they would get some enjoyment of of them.

Which i guess is the point to all this. It has nothing to do with their owners showing off to their friends, right?