Don't Mess With This Badass Cat Who Seems To Have Taken Command Of A British Supermarket

We all know that cats reign supreme on the internet, but it seems like it's spilling over into the physical world too. At least at one supermarket in the UK it is, where a cat with a face that says he ain't taking none of your crap has appeared to take over. Humans might work and shop here, but they all answer to him.

The cat was spotted by Twitter user Nigel Thornberry at his local branch of Sainsbury's supermarket in South London. Thornberry uploaded his photo to social media, where it gathered much pace.

And it's understandable why, because this is one badass-looking cat, even just an image of him will probably strike fear into your heart. Or, at the very least, command your respect.

Just take a look at his expression. It says: Do. Not. F*ck. With. Me.

As the tweets below indicate, it's not the first time he's been spotted in this store either. He was seen in there last year, looking just as badass and with the same "I own this joint" look on his face.

Even security guards don't phase him. That store is pretty much his domain. It seems the cat, whose name is Olly, belongs to Adam Oliver @1969ajo, an academic at the London School of Economics who lives near the Sainsbury's.

After the initial pic above was posted to twitter last November, he replied:

It seems like he's a bit of a local character too. Here he is perusing the menu of a local Nordic restaurant.

No doubt he's eyeing up the surströmming. If Sainsbury's can't keep him out of their store then maybe they should offer him a job. Chief Cat Food Tester? General Manager? CEO? Something like that seems appropriate.

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