Drunk Speed Dating Is Not The Greatest Idea, But It Sure Is Totally Hilarious To Watch

Getting drunk while normal dating can be fun (or disastrous, one of the two), but getting drunk while speed dating? You might think there's not enough time to consume alcohol while also attempting to impress your date. After all, first impressions are everything under these circumstances. Not good. But you would be wrong.

Because you can always fit a quick shot in in-between your speed dating. And that's the premise behind this video, which might sound debauched, but is actually a PSA from Denmark by the Tryg Foundation and the Danish Cancer Society. It's to encourage young Danes, 16-25 year olds, to not drink so much and encourage a healthier drinking culture—especially among young men it seems. Hitting them where it hurts by giving a stat on their website that 8 out of 10 women have rejected a guy because he was so blasted and wasted.

For the video they get together 10 single women and 10 single men for 10 rounds of speed dating. Then, between each date the men all down a shot of vodka, which the women have no idea about. You can probably imagine how this plays out as the men get increasingly blottoed.

Let The Drunk Speed Dating Games Begin

Drunk Speed dating game.

Round one goes fine and on point, smiles all round, lots of encouraging signs, and talk about great chemistry.

Round two goes OK too, perhaps the guys are maybe just a bit more buoyant, but when it gets to round four of the drunk speed dating experiment, however, it looks like those shots are really taking hold. "It didn't go quite as well as in the beginning." notes one of the women.

By round six the guys are staggering about, laughing at anything, rambling, forgetting what they're talking about, and generally acting pretty damn drunk. By round 10 they're raucous, roaring, slurring, unable to really communicate well and talking about their exes. Needless to say, the ladies are not impressed. It's a disaster.

So, yeah, the takeaway from this is. Drunk speed dating is not the greatest idea. Especially if only one of the daters is getting liquored-up. Plus, don't drink so much in such a short period when you're on a night out. Pace your drinking to avoid being an embarrassment (and to look after your health!).

Drunk Speed Dating.

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