The 'Bose Shhhh' - A Noise-Cancelling Device Every Frazzled Parent Needs In Their Lives

Any parent will know the feeling of just wanting everyone in their household, and by everyone that means the kids, to just STFU for a moment. If only for five tranquil minutes of wonderful, cherished silence.

But tell a kid to be quiet and they react by ignoring you or just making more noise. Which is why the Bose Shhhh, a noise-cancelling device, would be every parents' dream because it "actively filters unwanted noise."

The only trouble is, it doesn't exist.

Well, it only exists in this amusing sketch by YouTube channel DudeDay. In which fraught and frazzled parents can stop the hectic sounds of kids running amok or chatting to friends on their phones at the push of a button.

It's the kind of product that would serve every parent well.

If someone wanted to knock together a Kickstarter for such a device, I'm sure they would get funding to develop the kind of tech needed to cancel out such unwanted noise.

Although that kind of tech does drift dangerously close to the dystopian products found in shows like Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror.

Still, if it gives a few moments of peace and quiet, it's worth tolerating living in a repressive dystopian society.



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