Excruciating Video Shows A Guy Eating A Whole Cactus—And It's Really Difficult To Watch

First off: WHY? Why would you do something like this? Second, and in answer to my own question: the internet, that's why. But whatever his reasons, this looks so painful and horrible.

It's one of those hairy, spiky cactuses too, which would rip your mouth a new one every time you chomped down on it. And just imagine what it does to your lips.

No, actually don't imagine that, it's too much.

After he initially bites the tip off and manages to eat half of the thing, he then pulls out a knife and fork to finish the rest.

I guess there could be an argument if favor of his valiant attempt to become a vegetarian and experiment with some exotic vegetarian meals, but i think we all know that it's probably more to do with his 'don't look before you jump' attitude. I'm sure it probably looked like a good idea at the time.

Then the video ends in the only way it can really, with him smashing the plate and screaming before looking at the camera triumphantly while cactus-infused puke dribbles down his chin.

It leaves you wondering whether all that excruciating pain is really worth this guy's four minutes and twenty eight seconds of internet fame? No. Definitely not.


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