Gay YouTuber Trolls Westboro Baptist Church By Asking Them How He Can Get Into Heaven

After releasing a video of himself sat with his mom as she went through his Grindr messages YouTuber Riyadh K noted a certain someone had made a comment on it—it was the one and only Shirley Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church. "This is what happens when the fag enablers turn the country to the fags. These people are going to hell." she wrote.

I guess her comment was straight (see what i did there?) and to the point, but it does leave the whole subject of passing through Saint Peter's Pearly gates open for a bit of debate methinks.

So Riyadh decided to give her a call and troll the question, "How can I get into heaven?" But barely had she picked up the phone then she began a typical Westboro rant.

Riyadh isn't giving up though, so instead he calls back and leaves a voicemail.

"Hi Shriley! How are you babe?" he begins, "If I burn all my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven?" Something tells me he's not going to get a call back.


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