Party Poopers: Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Dinner Guests By Spraying Them With Dog Feces

It's the end of a dinner party, you've worked your fingers to the bone over some fancy haute cuisine to show your friends how amazing you are at cooking, but now you just want them to shut up and leave.

But it's no good, because they're drunk and having far too good a time because they're drunk. Overstaying their welcome is now their one purpose in life. Well don't fret, because this video has the perfect solution: party poopers!

They're like party poppers but instead of streamers inside there's dog poo, so your guests are left with no doubt that you want them to 'get the f#ck out of dodge'. "Nothing says 'Hey, we've had a good time but I've got work in the morning' like a wad of hot excrement to the eyes and mouth." goes the voice-over in the vid.

Of course this is just a spoof, a very funny spoof, but you know what? It would definitely be an effective method for getting rid of unwanted guests. Quick, someone create a startup based on it.


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