What Goes Up Must Come Down In This Hilarious Compilation Of Epic Pole Dancing Fails

Pole dancing can be a tricky discipline to master, or even if you think you've mastered it—which many of these people seem to—something will come along to show you that you know nothing.

It's also (in this age of equality and equal opportunities) not exclusively reserved for people of the female persuasion anymore, or for that matter seen only in seedy bars and strip clubs, used by women with an over-perfect physique, with dollar bills stuffed in their underwear.

Indeed it is not unusual nowadays for your average home-owner to have one in their house regardless of their sex and body-size.

And some of these people, I'm looking at you fat guy with no top on rubbing your moobs, are pushing the boundaries of our what the human mind will tolerate—that's not to say pole dancing shouldn't be for everyone, it should.

Like the guy in the street who shows some great improvisation by pole dancing with a traffic light and humping a junction box. Then there's another guy who jumps out of a car and starts twerking in the road.

Hey, you do whatever gets you through the day guys.

But just make sure someone is around to video the results and share the lolz with us if it goes wrong.


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