Grandmas Try To Define Modern Slang Terms And Come Up With Some Hilarious Answers

So it goes with each generation that where once you were young and, like, totally rad and stuff you inevitably grow old and grey and not so totally rad. It's something that creeps up on all of us at some point and the problem is you don't know it's happening till it's too late.

The giveaway is when you're unable to work the new-fangled technology the kids are using and also when you don't understand the slang terms any more.

To be fair you don't have to be a grandma to not understand half the terms in this video, you just have to be older than about 17.

Still, Elite Daily ask a group of grannies to define various words the kids are using these days, like "shade," "turnt" and "whip" which means car. But who the f*ck knew that?

Anyway, let's hope these grandmas take these words away with them and use them all the time when they're around their grandkids, so they embarrass them to the max.

Getting old and being out of touch with the youth generation is no fun, but then neither is being young and trying to keep up with all the latest trends.

So no one really wins in the end.


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