Watch What Happens When A Male Model Asks 100 Women For Sex In This 'Social Experiment'

In a previous "social experiment" YouTube channel Whatever sent a female model out onto the streets to ask 100 different guys if they'd like to have sex with her. You might think you'd be able to guess the results of that, but this is what actually happened.

After the success of that, they've followed it up with a video where a good-looking male model wanders up to strangers and similarly propositions them.

And, well, he doesn't fare too well, as you might imagine. There are a couple of times when it looks like he might get a "yes," but it ends up being a resounding "no."

The responses are somewhat varied though. Some just ignore him and walk on, others laugh, some have midterms, others say no thanks because they have a boyfriend, and still others question why he's asking them.

So what can we all learn from this social experiment? You're not going to get anywhere by walking up to women you've never met before and asking them for some horizontal action.

But, hey, at least he didn't get kicked in the groin.


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