This Is What Happens When Men Are Asked To Draw Vaginas

You think it would be quite a simple task, ask a bunch of guys to draw the female reproductive organ and then just watch them sketch away. They've obviously seen one before, right? But it's far from simple for these guys.

Instead there's some mixed results, "This is way more complicated than I remembered," says one guy. Another thanks a scene in Orange is the New Black for his ability to be able to sketch a vagina accurately.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then the men are asked to name the different parts. And they fail pretty badly at that too.

One of the drawings the guys did

It's all pretty hilarious, but it has a serious point too. Mic's Senior Editor Elizabeth Plank who asked her male colleagues to draw a vagina, writes that the reason she conducted this social experiment was to highlight how little some men know about women's bodies, yet the old white men in congress are happy to legislate about it.

From Mic:

Funny as the video may be, our lawmakers' lack of knowledge about women's bodies shouldn't be laughed off. Clearly, and unfortunately, the average male doesn't know the first thing about a woman's body, and some are suffering the very real negative consequences of this ignorance. Need proof? In 2014 alone, approximately 75% of anti-choice bills — laws that legislate only a woman's autonomy — were sponsored by men.

While the outgoing 113th Congress is the most diverse in history, it's still an old boys club (more than 80% male, about 80% white and an average of 60 years old).

If this video teaches us anything, it's how hard we need to continue to work to change that.

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