Here's What It Would Be Like If Car Commercials Were Actually Honest And Stopped With The BS

Now here's an unusual sight: an honest car dealer. Of course, it's not real, it couldn't possibly be, instead it's the latest parody of tropes we see in commercials from Cracked. Previously they've tackled fast food ads, this latest one sees them taking on car dealerships.

So meet Roger who, in a parallel universe where the world is good and just, exists to give it to you straight when it comes to the nefarious practices of car dealers—and Roger has no problem in explaining exactly how buyers get ripped off for every cent.

"You’re going to have to buy one of these eventually and you’re going to have to buy this car from me—a legally mandated middleman who buys up cars and sells them for almost no profit…unless I screw you over." he tells us. "Which I will."

Yep, he will. And i guarantee that as you laugh to yourself about how dumb some people are when it comes to purchasing a vehicle from a snake oil salesman like Roger, the cold realization hits you in the face like a brand new Dodge that yes, one day soon, this will be you.

Roger is a thoroughly decent guy though with his honesty about his sales technique and reveals the horror that he's the kind of person, when it comes to negotiating the price, "spends every minute of every day-getting better at negotiating."

You are left with the feeling that you are screwed, and sometimes knowing the truth is not always a good idea.


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