Have You Ever Imagined What All Those Fast Food Commercials Would Be Like If They Were Honest?

Pretty much everyone knows that fast food is terribly bad for you, but we still happily eat it. Mostly when we're drunk or stoned or depressed or all three.

But that doesn't stop fast food franchises from pretending that their food is so much better than just sugared grease with some MSG thrown to give us quick-fix rewards that we keep coming back for.

But what if, in an alternate universe where the world wasn't a corrupt cesspool of corporations out to get us addicted to whatever they're hawking so they can siphon off all our money, fast food companies made honest commercials?

That's what Cracked.com imagine in this parody video, which expertly proves why fast food companies don't make honest commercials.

The main reason is pretty obvious, because they'd be doing the jobs of their critics, as there's nothing really nutritious or redeeming in low-rate gristle burgers and chips coated in fat and salt.

All well and good and don't we feel oh-so-better better for knowing that, the problem is i still love fast food,


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