Love at first sight - Here's Why You Should Never Leave A Voicemail For A Crush While Drunk

Ladies, let this be a warning to you all. Never do anything drunk. Nothing. Don't text, don't Facebook, don't tweet, and definitely under any circumstances do not leave a voicemail to a cute guy you have a crush on after meeting him in a bar or club the other night whose number you got.

That's what this girl did, in this cute but rambling message left for someone called Ryan. Dominic, that's her name, starts by saying how cute she thought Ryan was, and then proceeds to gush further throughout the voicemail, sounding increasingly more drunk, smitten, and confused as it goes on.

And on it goes, on and on. This lady has stamina.

We also learn through the course of the voicemail that Ryan had "indigestion" (really?) which is why he had to leave, that Dominc works at eBay, that they both love yo-yos, and that Domonic loves the name Eunice.

Like I said, just never do anything drunk—except maybe sit on a chair staring at nothing. That's fine to do.

The only flaw in this plan is of course the next time you are drunk you'll have no memory of this.


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