Here's How To Tell If You're In The Friend Zone And How To Avoid Getting Stuck In It

It's somewhere no guy wants to be. Yes, the dreaded friend zone. Trouble is, it can be difficult to tell whether or not you're in it and it can also suddenly come upon you when it comes to a girl you want to date.

Because once you're in it, it's very hard to escape.

Try as you might too, you'll get sucked back into it, with every action you do seemingly reaffirming the fact that you just want to be friends. So the best thing is to avoid it altogether. But how?

That's where this video by YouTube channel Casually Explained comes in which, well, casually explains how to tell if you've fallen prey to the purgatory of the friend zone.

It also handily breaks down the various stages of how it progresses so you can tell exactly where you might be—don't get too upset or fret too much if one of them sounds painfully familiar though.

Because perhaps most helpfully of all the video details how to dig your way out.

But first, as the five stages dictate, you have to accept that you're in it.

Once you've grieved through that though you can work to getting out. Good luck people.


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