Hollywood Actor Jonah Hill Shares The Hilarious Pain Of His Epic Airplane Mile High Club Fail

Poor old Jonah Hill, you can't help but think that when directors are looking for a normal guy who just isn't lucky with the ladies, awkward and a bit of a loser then someone like Jonah will certainly at the top of their casting list as a prime candidate, his track history in such films as Superbad and The Wolf OF Wall Street have paved the way for such roles. If you want to cast a guy who makes Joe Average look good then Jonah's your man.

But that hasn't stopped this talented two-time Academy Award nominee from becoming a definite Hollywood star in his own right, after all it's just acting, right? I mean he's not really like that in real life, is he, he can't be?

Because no one is really like that, are they?--Wrong.

In what is possibly one of his best interviews with the UK chat show host Graham Norton, Jonah relates quite a tragic tale about how he was flirting with a woman on an airplane during a flight and it was all heading in the direction of the Mile High Club when all of a sudden a random stranger who must’ve eaten something that violently disagrees with him kills any chance of sexy-time on a plane occurring. Ever.

It all sounds like a scene straight out of one of Jonah's films, but unfortunately for him it's all true.

Don’t wanna give away any spoilers, so just watch the video and feel his pain.


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