The Honest, Existential Thoughts Every Human Has But Would Never Admit To

Human beings are nothing if not insecure. Each one of us is a bundle of neuroses wrapped up in a protective coating of anger and sarcasm. That insecurity and many, many more emotions and thoughts are covered in this droll new video by Brooklyn-based comedy collective The Kloons using a series of simple statements.

Called "Every Human Ever" it jumps between various people as they voice their anxieties and concerns and hangups. “I’m horny," "Why am I here?," "I'm bored," "I have to pee." remark the voices showing us that, really, we're all just the same, thinking the same things and worrying about the same issues. And farting.

It's a neat summary in simple statements of what we're feeling and the sentiments that drift in and out of our minds. They type we all have but rarely admit to.

And it manages to be both amusing and very poignant because, dammit, we do all think these things. It's called the human condition and it's bizarre - "I want to be unique ... but I also want people to accept me."

"'Every Human Ever' is an exploration of humanity's lowest common denominator..." says the group, "That which lies beneath our surface level expressions and habitual personality traits...and brings us all together as one, big...I don't know."

Sp there you have it, we are all the same and think the same things. As one YouTube commenter perfectly puts it, "WOW! I have this EXACT same conversation in my head, everytime I go to an adult video store!"


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