The Honest Trailer For 'Fight Club' Delivers Some Punchy Home Truths About The Cult Classic

If you're a big fan of Fight Club but without the ability to possess a sense of humor, then look away now. Because Screen Junkies celebrated the film's 15th anniversary by hilariously mocking it and picking it apart.

But that's what they do in their Honest Trailers series, which has seen some much-loved flicks, and not-so-loved, receive the sharp end of their wit.

The film that has become one of David Fincher's most loved movies gets some pull-no-punches ridiculing here, pointing out how cliched the narrative of sticking it to the man is, it's many hypocrisies—like stopping guys being slaves to consumerism by making them slaves to Tyler Durden's ideas.

And also the fact that an anti-establishment film was backed by a major Hollywood studio.

It's all good fun and games. But if you haven't yet, you should definitely read the book by Chuck Palahniuk. It's a real life-changer.

But if even that sounds a little too violent for you then you can always try out Palahniuk's new book, it's a children's version called Fight Club For Kids.


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