Honest Trailer For Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes Reminds Us How Awful It Was

Before we had the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes reboot and the forthcoming sequel Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (which advanced reviews are saying is pretty awesome), we had Tim Burton's disastrous remake of the classic movie from 1968.

And what a pile of poop it was—hyped on the fact that a) the original was so rad and b) Tim Burton was remaking it everyone was, rightfully, expecting great things. But then it arrived and took a giant ape sh*t on us all.

And now Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series has decided to giving it a trouncing, suming it perfectly with "Prepare for a reboot so disappointing the franchise was immediately debooted and then rebooted again 10 years later. Watch, as the once-visionary Tim Burton gives a masterclass in how not to reboot a franchise."

The video also covers the rehashing of old dialogue from the original film, Mark Wahlberg's terrible, terrible acting, which mainly included staring at things, and that WTF ending that taught us all how to hate.

If you haven't quite had enough of hating on the movie (and that's perfectly understandable), then you can watch Cinema Sins Everything Wrong With Planet Of The Apes which has also just been released, below.

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