Honest Trailers Tackles The Ego-Fest That Is "Top Gun"

Anyone for a game of homoerotic beachvolleyball? In a mock vintage trailer, the guys over at Screen Junkies tackle possibly Tom Cruise's greatest movie, Top Gun, in their latest effort of cinematic mockery.

And it's a winning combo of earnest love for the flick combined with pointing out its homoerotic undertones, gung-ho-murica-f#ck-yeah! attitude and 80s, cliche-ridden cheesiness.

It also does a great job of pointing out the film's constant efforts to make Mr. Cruise appear taller than his co-stars, which I'd never really put much thought into until now.

But it's true–something to look out for when you rewatch the movie with your younger siblings while pointing out how they don't make them like this any more. No sir they don't.

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