Husband Films Incredibly Drunk Wife Making 'Grilled Cheeses' At 2AM

We've all been there. You've been drinking far later than you should've been, you get home, stumble through the door, head to the kitchen and start making an abominable snack like, say, putting cheese strings over Goldfish crackers and calling that food.

Which clearly it isn't, but when you're totally wasted and its 2AM and you're still swigging from your wine glass, it's the best you can do. Naturally, this woman's husband filmed his drunk wife doing all this and enjoying her snack of kings, then uploaded the footage to the internet.

But, it turns out we may've all been duped. Reddit, where the video originally appeared, has pointed out the woman in the skit is actually comedienne Ashley Bez, who isn't actually married. So the whole thing is just a well-played sketch. Still, who cares? Making food drunk that you wouldn't go near in daylight is something we all do, and this perfectly captures that shameful, but necessary, experience.

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