Joe Biden Sings About World Peace With Rock Icon Blondie In The Latest Edition Of 'Songify the News'

It's the collaboration the world never asked for but it's got it anyway. Rock legend Blondie has teamed up with Joe Biden (and Edward Snowden) to sing about naked men and bring about world peace. I bet you thought the day would never come.

But it has (finally!) thanks to The Gregory Brothers and their Schmoyoho YouTube channel, which seeks to songify anything and everything—and has, since the beginning of time (or around 2009) had a long-running songify/autotune the news series.

This is their latest and is the only serious way to ingest current events and see super groups featuring politicians and rock stars sharing the stage to bring about peace in the cosmos.

As one YouTube commenter said, "When Vice President Joe Biden and Blondie combine forces, be prepared. You have to realize that your clothes may be blown off from their sheer power."


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