The Karate Kid—Turns Out That, Actually, Daniel is the Real Bully In The Movie #ChildhoodRuined

Prepare to have your childhood/adulthood/whateverhood ruined because this video shows we had it wrong all these years. Many of us saw The Karate Kid when we ourselves were a kid—and, no, not the remake/reboot/re-what-fucking-ever with Jackie Chan but the original with Ralph "Holy shit he's 53 now!?" Macchio.

The way the Hollywood manipulation machine portrayed it was that our protagonist, Daniel Russo—played so convincingly by Macchio—was the underdog who, by learning karate from an old man and training montages, rose up and defeated the bullies who were making his life hell.

Well, it was all a rotten lie. At least, it was according to J. Matthew Turner who reveals in this video that, you know what, it was Daniel who's the violent sociopath who moves to a Californian town and begins tormenting a local boy and his friends, going around picking fights and getting exactly what's coming to him.

Not the other way around.

I know, it doesn't sound right but i have some bad news for you, it gets much worse because it turns out Mr. Miyagi is actually an evil child batterer who possesses demonic powers (shown when he heals Daniel's mangled leg in the karate tournament). Who would have ever believed that, eh?

It's all suddenly so clear now, we were tricked as kids into believing Daniel was the nice guy, when in fact he's an arch manipulator just like this film. IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE!!?


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