Genius Uses for Coconut Oil - 'It's Like Duct Tape For Your Health' - Says Health 'Expert' JP Sears

After his perfect parody of people who like to announce to the world that they're gluten intolerant, and seem to revel in that fact and take is as a defining characteristic of their personality, fake health guru JP Sears is back.

And this time he has the magical healing properties and all round super product that is coconut oil in his sights.

Coconut oil is really hot right now and is a health product, as our man JP points out, that can seemingly be used for anything. "To be a health expert in the new age all you have to do is know how to mindlessly recommend using coconut oil for everything. It's like duct tape for your health." he begins the video.

And bam, we're straight in with the satire. And, like with the gluten episode, it's pitched to perfection.

But it isn't just what JP Sears says that's hilarious, it's his softly, patronising tone and faux-understanding looks to camera that make these so great too.

Anyway, coconut oil aside (which apparently is great, whatever you use it for), JP Sears has such a believable sales pitch he could sell Donald Trump to the voting American public without breaking a sweat.

Now that's scary.


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