Racist Zombies - When The Apocalypse Comes Make Sure You're Living In A White Neighborhood

Zombies, zombies everywhere. With the return of The Walking Dead on Sunday nights the undead are back in fashion, but have you ever thought through what it would be like if you looked outside your window one day and saw zombies on your street looking for their next meal.

This could present a bit of a problem for the living when the undead apocalypse hits your neighborhood and you are faced with re-animated corpses on the prowl for some sweet tasty flesh, your sweet tasty flesh.

Yep, even with Kevin Sorbo (the guy who played Hercules in that TV show) covering your back your chances of survival still don't look that good, unless of course you are a black man living in a white neighborhood as Key and Peele find out in this very funny video sketch from Comedy Central.

What starts off as a desperate flight to escape the flesh-munching locals suddenly takes a turn for the surreal as Key and Peele discover that the zombies don't seen that interested in eating them, in fact they almost recoil with fear (just be thankful that this isn't an episode of The Walking Dead guys, you'd be the first to go).

Seems like you are only on the menu if you happen to be white meat, which seriously pisses Key and Peel off when they make this discovery and declare that "these are some racist mother-f#cking zombies."

But they soon discover that living amongst racist zombies has it's advantages.

So when the zombie apocalypse finally hits us make sure you are living in a white neighborhood, unless of course you happen to be white. In which case you are totally screwed.


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