This Math Professor Pulls A Brilliant April Fools Day Classroom Prank On His Students

Math class doesn't always have to be a drag, but a lot depends on who's doing the teaching. And whether or not they're willing to pull an April Fools prank as hilarious as the one done by teacher Matthew Weathers. Professor Weathers teaches math at Biola University in La Mirada, California and he likes to have some fun mixed in with all that brain-straining calculus. it seems that Matthew likes to pull an April Fools Day prank every year.

He uploads his many video pranks to his YouTube page so the rest of the world can enjoy his goofing around too. One of his efforts that was particularly amusing (and went viral) was this April Fools prank which involved him having an argument with himself—or a video version of himself, anyway.

After pretending to start the wrong presentation, another Weathers pops up on the class projection screen and the real and virtual Weathers begin arguing with each another. The virtual Weathers then says why doesn't the real world teacher come over and say that to his face. So Weathers climbs inside the screen to put an end to matters. Although what ends up happening is that the actual Weathers becomes trapped inside the screen instead. "I practiced about 20 times to get the timing right," Weathers told Reddit. It's a good effort.

The April Fools prank is very well timed and well edited too. You can imagine him staying late after class to practice getting it just right. And it's paid off, because he's not only entertained his students, but he's entertained us as well. It makes you think this kind of tomfoolery should be mandatory in all math classes throughout the country. Can it be added to local curricula pronto?

You can check out a couple of Weathers' previous April fools pranks below.

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April Fools - Math Class Shadow

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