M'mmm Delicious Fried Chicken Is Riddled With Delicious Maggots

There are two ways this guy could look at finding maggots crawling around inside his chicken purchased from Food 4 Less. The standard response would be to freak the hell out and call all your family to come take a look while recording it so you can post it to YouTube later. This guy seems to have followed that procedure.

Then, of course, the other response is to realise that those maggots mean extra protein so you're getting extra nutrition for your buck. Chomp down on them and count it as a bargain. That seems to be the response of many of the comments on the YouTube page.

Either way, it's still troubling as to how they got there in the first place. Either the chicken wasn't stored correctly and while it was rotting a fly laid its eggs. Then the chicken wasn't cooked enough afterwards to kill the maggots. Or, maybe it was cooked enough and left out and the maggots got in there that way.

Whatever happened, the guy handles it pretty well. Most people on finding what he did would've hurled the chicken across the room before crying and puking at the same time while screaming, "WHY HAS THE LORD FORSAKEN ME?!" The most appropriate response though is summed up below.


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