'The Dangers of Selfie Sticks' - Pizza Hut's PSA' Warns Against The Perils Of Selfie Stick Abuse

Pizza Hut, of all places, has created a mock public service announcement warning humanity against the perils of the selfie stick. Yes, those aggravating poles of narcissism aren't just really annoying, they could also be putting lives in danger.

Selfie sticks, goes the ad, are putting people ("egotastic specimens of visual self-obsession") in danger because they're making them realise that a world beyond their own exists. Shock! Horror! This in turn forces them outside and leads to them to purchasing ever bigger selfie sticks so they can incorporate this newfound world, which in turn causes all kinds of accidents due to their ridiculous lengths.

It then ends by asking us all to "Please selfie responsibly" and urges you to help save others from selfie stick abuse by sharing the video and raising awareness.

It amounts to a very funny and very cunning commercial for Pizza Hut because the brand isn't shoved in your face. Instead there's one piece of product placement in the middle of the video, with a guy moaning about having to deliver bigger pizzas because of bigger selfie sticks.

Well played Pizza Hut. Well played.


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