This Terrifying Taxi Prank Would Definitely Scare Anyone Off Ever Getting In A Cab Again

Have you ever got in a cab and wondered if the driver might just suddenly turn psycho on you? Or is that just me? After watching this prank and hearing the recent news of the Kalamazoo Uber driver who killed six people and injured two more at the weekend in Michigan (and picked up fares in between his shooting spree) you might start thinking that more regularly.

Either that or you'll be catching the bus next time you go out. In this evil, evil prank two women are riding along in a cab when their driver starts acting a bit strange.

You know, like he might be having some kind of mental breakdown.

The kind that necessitates he mumble and jabber like a madman before going full on freak out mode and pulling a gun. Which ends with fake blood on the windows and terrified screaming passengers.

Sure, it may've put these two women off taking a cab for the rest of their days, but it's funny. You can't deny that.

So next time you are thinking of going out until late and probably need a cab home, don't. Stay indoors.


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