'Meet The McDonald's' - Torture, Dying Grandmas & Secret Recipes In This Ridiculously Violent Video

The Ronald Mcdonald in RackaRacka's videos, played by filmmaker Michael Phillipou (one half of the filmmaking duo with his brother Danny Philippou), isn't the Ronald McDonald most people know of. Instead he's a very violent, sadistic, nightmarish loon, as you'll see in the latest video from the viral video makers, which sees Ronald visiting his family, all clowns, to see his sick grandmother.

But his family don't seem to like Ronald, calling him names I couldn't possibly repeat and throwing milkshakes and fries at him. Then a nurse comes along and delivers some bad news, grandma McDonald isn't going to make it through the night. Cue a room full of wailing, despairing clowns.

But Ronald himself is there for a different reason, he has an ulterior motive—he wants the secret cheeseburger recipe his grandma has been harboring. Unfortunately for him grandma isn't willing to part with it so, as is often the case with RackaRacka's videos, horrible acts of violence ensue.

It starts with Ronald breaking his grandmother's fingers and then, after the nurse steals the recipe from a bowl of the grandma's excrement, leads on to an epic showdown between Ronald and that other famous meaty mascot, the Burger King. What follows is gruesome, bloody, grisly, and ends with Ronald snogging his sister.

It's, well, it's quite something. If you were wondering what McDonald's themselves think of RackaRacka's portrayal of their mascot, in an interview with Maxim Danny Philippou said the following regarding lawsuits:

"We thought that would be the case but it turns out McDonalds doesn't really care. At the end of the day, it is marketing for them, we're reaching an audience they'd never be able to reach and if you look past the fact that Ron is a women beating, serial killing, drug addicted pedophile, he's actually a really nice guy."

You can add incestuous to that list now.


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