Watch The Rick and Morty Butter Robot Do Battle In A Flamethrowing Death Match

When it learns of its one lowly task, the Rick and Morty Butter Robot suffers a moment of existential despair. Genius scientist and functioning alcoholic creates this sentient robot but gives it only one menial purpose in life.

It happens in Something Ricked This Way Comes, which is episode 9 of season 1 of the Rick and Morty show. After he's created it, the robot asks Rick "What is my purpose?" to which Rick responds by asking it to pass the butter. Which it does, before asking again "What is my purpose?" Rick clarifies by saying "You pass butter." It then looks down dejectedly before despondently saying "Oh my god." Rick retorts, "Yeah, welcome to the club, pal."

But, that may be its life in the universe of C-137, but in our universe the Rick and Morty Butter Robot has got a new lease of life. Because it's been turned into a flamethrowing battle bot.

It comes courtesy of one inventor and his team at RoboGames 2017—the biggest robot competition in the US. The guy is Micah “Chewy” Leibowitz of TeamTiki Combat Robotics. Replicating the Rick and Morty Butter Robot design, he's created one that's a lot bigger than the one in the show and weighs 120 pounds. And as stated, it shoots flames which it fires out of one of its arms.

Why Was The Rick And Morty Butter Robot Created?

rick and morty butter robot 01.

Along with bestowing a kind of cosmic justice for this purposeless and existentially angst ridden machine, the reason its has been turned into a kickass robot is so it can beat the crap out of its spinning opponent.

And, well, its new role in life as a robot killer seems to suit it. Plus, it could never go back to passing the butter now. For one thing the butter would melt.

Check out the original Rick and Morty Butter Robot in the clip below. And Rick and Morty fans, keep hanging tight, Rick and Morty season 3 should be back with us real soon so we can all continue to Get Schwifty!

Rick And Morty - You Pass Butter

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