'Say Goodnight Fight'— Possibly The Lamest Brawl Ever Undertaken Between Two People Ever

It's takes a particular set of skills, guts, and strength to be an accomplished fighter—and those qualities are something that neither of these guys seem to possess in any kind of form whatsoever. Instead what they have is a lot of tough talk and not much action.

Unless of course, flailing around with your shirt off amounts to action?

They try and shout each other down and talk big, but their pathetic excuses for punches says it all really. Not that I'd advocate violence, because it's wrong, but why did these guys even bother?

So what makes this video worthy of your time, well, sometimes when something is SO bad, going against the grain in every way, it suddenly appeals on a totally different level and in this case it transcends from violence into perfect comedy that even Jackie Chan would have a hard time replicating.

Every punch they throw misses the other by about a foot, they run away, and it goes through so many stages, including them rolling around on the floor together like lovers, you think: get a room, guys. Just get a room.

However, it is infinitely improved by adding some Mortal Kombat sound effects. But what isn't?

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