SeaWorld's #AskSeaWorld ('You Ask, We Answer') Twitter Campaign Goes Spectacularly Wrong

SeaWorld are going through troubled times, so in order to try and get the public back on side they made the foolish mistake of running a twitter campaign where people could #AskSeaWorld anything they wanted.

The idea was to create some transparency, but as is always the case with these campaigns it backfired in spectacular fashion and instead of engaging people it just gave people a change to lambast SeaWorld for their shady practices.

Practices that were exposed in the 2013 documentary Blackfish which unearthed the horrible conditions of their orcas they hold in captivity.

They've been fighting a public relations battle ever since—and the #AskSeaWorld idea has turned into just another nail in their coffin. Check out some of the responses to the campaign, below.

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