Shia LaBeouf Uses His Motivational Skills To Help A Drunk Guy Stand Up And Walk Out The Store

Shia LaBeouf has taken on a new role lately, that of Chief Motivator of the world. It's his own doing, as people have been turning the original green screen footage of him overacting for a student art project into all kinds of motivational memes.

From inspiring Luke Skywalker to college leavers he's been a very busy man indeed.

Shia seems to have no boundaries when it comes to motivation and now this tireless and charitable celeb is giving a helping voice to a very, very drunk man who is so wasted, so full of beer that he's having trouble standing up and leaving a store.

But with Shia's help, with Shia's determination and can-do attitude, by God this guy is going to leave this store. It's an inspiration to us all.

And with a little video artistry form mash-up maestro Marca Blanca we can embrace Mr. LaBeouf in all his majesty and have more than a few LOLZ along the way.


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