The Six Types Of Coworkers That Will Always Exist In Every Single Job You Will Ever Have

It's a strange fact but you spend more time at work around your cowrkers than you do with the people you love—it's either that or you live in the woods like a bear. But no matter what kind of industry you work in, your coworkers will probably fall into one of six types of behavior.

College Humor break down the typical colleagues found in an office environment into six different categories, all of them excruciating. So you'll have to wince your way through this one I'm afraid.

They range from The Creep—which can come in many different icky guises—to The New Guy who's always full of endless energy and annoying enthusiasm. The dick. Then there's The Prince. Ugh. Let's not even get started on him.

It's one of those 'can never be unseen' videos, because once yo watch this and make a connection to the various people who work in your office with the category they belong in you'll never be able to work with them again without remembering what you have learned here.

Maybe it might be worth thinking about about a different career. Like a lighthouse keeper.


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