Saturday Night Live Totally Skewers New York Gentrification In Hilarious Kevin Hart Sketch

Who doesn't love visiting their local artisan mayonnaise shop? Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart, and Jay Pharoah play three friends shooting the gentrified breeze on a corner in Bushwick, Brooklyn in this SNL sketch.

They're just classic homies, hanging out like friends do and discussing what they've been up to. For instance, Hart's been hanging with his bitches—his dog walking business has REALLY taken off. While the others have been doing equally middle class pursuits, like paint parties and taking a break for some "you time."

It's very funny and a perfect skewering of the gentrification that's taking place in Bushwick and plenty of other places across New York and cities across the country.

But most of all it's full of great lines like "Word, you acting like someone put gluten in your muffin or some."


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