'Street Fighter II' Characters Vigilantly Troll The Real World With Some Hilarious Consequences

We all know that videos of people falling over are funny, it's perfect internet fodder, but they can always be made funnier. Especially if you place Street Fighter II characters in them as instigators, tripping up bridesmaids or scaring riders off their bikes and all kinds of other hilarity.

Which is exactly what happens in the absolutely marvelous videos of YouTube channel Street Troller.

By simply adding a perfectly-placed Blanka performing his Lightning Cannonball move or Zangief doing some bodyslams, moments are destroyed in the most epic and hilarious ways possible by trolling Street Fighter characters. It's weird, but somehow these videos seem as if they were made just for this purpose.

It's almost as if this was their true vocation in life.

You can check out the best of compilation above, and then if you are still hungry for LOLZ see five more hilarious videos from Street Troller below. May they never stop making them.

1. Mortal Kombat characters cause some trouble.

2. The "Red Cyclone" partakes in Russia's national pastime: vodka drinking.

3. Felicia from Darkstalkers trolls the animal kingdom.

4. The SF2 gang KO French humorist Frigide Barjot.

5. Chun-Li shows her jealous side.

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