Mate Vs Mate Prank Wars - Two Best Friends Prank Each Other In The Most Extremely Hilarious Ways

'Mate vs Mate' prank wars makes you feel very grateful you don't count internet prankster Shammi as a best friend, because if you did you could very well be on the receiving end of some truly outrageous pranks.

That's what happens to Shammi's best friend Jackson O'doherty who has to suffer an endless stream of pranks, each one more outrageous than the last. To be fair though he seems to give as good as he gets.

The result of this ongoing mate vs mate prank warfare between these two Australians is this five minute compilation video which shows the two going at each other in some seriously nasty ways.

From stealing clothes while Jackson showers at the gym, forcing him to run naked into the streets and to the car, to shoving a soiled toilet brush in Shammi's mouth as he's eating his cereal, it just gets increasingly extreme the more you watch. Another prank sees Shammi covering stairs in oil for his friend to slide down and hurt himself.

Mate Vs Mate Prank Wars Shammi

Mate Vs Mate prank Wars image via Youtube

While yet another sees Shammi hurl a live chicken into a bath which Jackson is sitting in, or there's the one with Shammi waking up his bestie by puking on him. Think of the worst prank you can imagine and it's probably been carried out by these 2 prank war veterans, if not in the video above then on their latest 'Mate vs Mate' prank wars video below. When it comes to best friends pranking each other knows no limits.

Of course, if you're not on the receiving end of such extreme pranking then it's easy to see the funny side.

Watching the two of them escalate the pranks is undoubtedly hilarious, but be warned there's a lot of swearing involved. It's like a real-life version of the classic Mad magazine cartoon strip 'Spy vs Spy'.

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