The Good, The Bad & The Unfunny - Two Fathers Go Pun To Pun In The Ultimate Dad Jokes Duel

Dad jokes are bad. Period. But one of the benefits of fatherhood is the right to make lame ultimate dad jokes forevermore and if anyone questions your terrible attempts at humor, you can say you're just doing your job.

But what happens when two fathers of equal bad dad jokes ability come head to head and go pun to pun in a dad joke showdown? Can one room hold this dad jokes duel with all the awful puns and ten-year-old jokes that the pair throw around with such abandon? Well, this sketch from Chomp Chomp Comedy titled 'The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel' looks at such a showdown and things certainly get heated, that's for sure.

The tense standoff in this ultimate dad jokes duel parodies the type you might see between the Man with No Name and a bad hombre in Spaghetti Westerns. But these being dad jokes the setting is transposed from the dusty midwest of America to a nice family restaurant. It's in this natural setting that the two men try to outdo one another, each one trying to make a more awful joke than the other. And the results aren't pretty.

The puns comes thick and fast in this dad joke battle. We also get the embarrassed kid trope thrown in, as a son sits watching the dad jokes fly and pleads, "Cut it out, dad." .

Let The The Ultimate Dad Jokes Duel Begin

The Ultimate Dad Jokes Duel.
Screenshot via YouTube / CH2

But these two fathers aren't cutting anything out, firing terrible pun after terrible pun until one of them falls to the floor, his dad jokes dried up. Wounded and defeated. The aftermath of a dad joke showdown isn't pretty.

Because for these 2 punslingers their life motto is 'Live by the pun, die by the pun'.

So just remember, if you're looking forward to being a dad one day, be aware of dad joke off showdowns that might suddenly crop up when you're least expecting it. But if it does happen, and the gauntlet gets thrown down, you must rise to the challenge. It's part of the unwritten rules of being a father when you are challenged to a dad jokes duel. With that in mind you might want to start compiling your dad jokes now.

See more from Chomp Chomp Comedy at their YouTube channel.

Ultimate Dad Jokes Duel 01.
Screenshot via YouTube / CH2

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