Underground Japanese Parking Lot In Tokyo Is Full Of Some Crazily Customized Lamborghinis

An underground parking lot is not the kind of place you'd think of making a point to visit unless you've parked your car there of course (or maybe if you're involved in some shady gangland business), its full of uninteresting vehicles, no scenery, smells of piss, and the only interesting wildlife might be a passing rat.

Nothing interesting to see there. Move along. Or at least you would think so.

While on a trip to Japan YouTube user and car enthusiast effspot was shown an underground parking lot. Not too exciting you might think but this was no ordinary parking lot, because it was full of customized lambos. And they were customized in the most insane ways.

From flames to spikes (spikes?) on the body, to insane exhausts and spoilers, even elaborate wing mirrors. These cars have been taken to the next level of customization by people with perhaps more money then sense.

This kind of bosozoku style customizing is big in Japan but you don't usually get the opportunity to witness so many of them, together, in one room. And they are totally insane.

So as effspot walks around you can hear expressions of disbelief at what he's seeing along with plenty of "Whoahs" being emitted at the OTT levels of taste going on.

Whether you love these or hate them, you can't deny it's impressive seeing so many, even if some of them are ridiculously garish.

Yes, you, spiked Lambo.


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