Guy Pulls A Remote Control Vibrating Panties Prank On His Girlfriend In Front Of His Mom

Whether you knew about it or not, a remote control vibrating panties prank is a thing. And somehow this guy convinced his girlfriend into wearing a pair of the wireless underwear out in public. With his mom in tow as well.

Yes, you heard that right, his mom. Go figure

But then, according to Ryan Hamilton the prankster in this video who runs YouTube channel HammyTV, his girlfriend "forgot" to take off the vibrating panties when they met picked his mom in their car to go get some food.

So of course en-route to the restaurant Ryan engages the remote control vibrating panties prank on his girlfriend and makes the best of a bad situation, even if it is in public. Because he decides to constantly press what is effectively a wireless remote control vibrator and cause his girlfriend some, um, distraction. And for our benefit he made sure he captured it all on video. What a caring guy. Oh, and of course his totally unaware mom is present as a front seat passenger in the car while his girlfriend is driving and the prank is being played.

Pulling A Remote Control Vibrating Panties Prank

vibrating panties prank 02.

It results in what could possibly be one of the most embarrassing situations you could ever find yourself in.

Not only is his mom asking what the hell that constant buzzing sound is ("it's my phone mom" Ryan says), but as the prank reaches it's 'climax' his girlfriend also manages to orgasm in front of her in-law too. Awkward.

The fun doesn't end there either, because then Ryan even tells his mom about the vibrating panties prank and his mom even takes the remote control at one point. Fortunately she doesn't press it, that would just be too weird, instead she hands it over to the girlfriend. All of it captured in the video for us to look on aghast.

As one YouTube user commented "this seems dangerous since she was driving. its like texting and driving but worse." You can't argue with that, do not try this at home (or in the car), it's taking 'sexting' to a whole new level.

Pulling a remote control vibrating panties prank in public with your mom is just so wrong on so many levels.

vibrating panties prank 01.

Vibrating panties photo via HammyTV

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