Wolf Boiler Hilariously Shows How To Become An International TV Survivalist Just Like Bear Grylls

We're all familiar with Bear Grylls, the celebrity survivalist who has turned urine-drinking in the great outdoors into an international TV career. But what does it take to make a career yourself out of telling others how to survive in situations they're never going to be in?

Wolf Boiler (aka writer and creative Rob Wakefield) is here to tell you exactly how. Firstly it helps if you were educated in single sex expensive private schools and your parents have peerages, but if that isn't the case then there are other options.

You don't even need to fly to exotic locations either, cunning camera angles can ensure that you can film your entire series in the grounds of mom and dad's 200 acre stately home.

Mom and dad don't have a stately home? Well, um, then just head to somewhere with trees.

All you then need to do is crawl around on your knees a lot, crouch down next to bodies of water, and talk to the camera about the nutritional benefits of tree bark or the best way to wear dead squirrels as gloves.

The survivalist world is then yours. Just wait for the offers of work to come rolling in. Along with wealth and TV specials featuring you and the president talking about the benefits of ingesting bodily fluids.

It's that easy, according to international adventurer Wolf Boiler anyway.


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