Woman Becomes First Person To Run A Marathon Without Telling Anyone

If you're ever run a marathon (full disclosure, I haven't) then you'll no doubt see it as a big deal in your life. Unless, you know, you're a professional long distance runner. Because it's an epic distance to cover, and the training for it is a feat in itself.

So you can't really blame people who are training for one, then undertake it and make it to the finish line completely destroyed, for wanting to shout about it. Still, there's letting people know you're running one and then there's spamming social media with every last detail.

In this satirical sketch, posed as a fake documentary, by YouTube comedy channel Above Average—whose About page says "From the makers of SNL, The Tonight Show, and Portlandia" so it's got good comedic stock—we're introduced to Kim Novelle, a hero to us all for being the first person to run a marathon without telling anyone.

"For years running a marathon without telling anyone was actually thought to be physically impossible," runs the voiceover, "With even the most private runners giving in to Facebook posts, Instagram sneakers, and self-congratulatory tweets anytime they ran in the rain."

It's very funny. Send it to all your friends who run.


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