NOPE Of The Day: Woman Has Epic Freakout Over Cruel Magic Trick Involving A Big Spider

She told him not to do it. But he did it. Magician Chris Ballinger performs a magic trick on a woman which involves holding an iPhone over her hand showing a spider crawling over it.

Before he performs the trick she warns "I'm telling you if there's a spider, that's going to be the end of us." Of course there is a spider as I said, but it's on the phone so she takes it OK.

It's only when he reveals the actual trick which involves turning her hand over that she has a nuclear-grade meltdown and runs screaming from the room. But not before she attacks Ballinger with her wig.

Her screaming is punctuated with the mantra "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!" in what must be the finest reaction to a magic trick ever recorded.

In the last week anyway.

Lesson to be learned here - Never trust a man, Any man, never trust a friend, never trust a magician and most importantly NEVER trust anyone when a spider is involved.


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