Seriously Shocking—This Is The Most Obscene Phone Scammer Call You're Ever Going To Hear

No one likes unsolicited calls from people claiming to be from loan companies, when really they're just trying to get your credit card number so they can go have some good times with your money. But there's unwanted phone calls and then there's this—a guy calling from a credit card consolidation/business loan company and then propositioning this woman in the most obscene ways imaginable. It's unreal.

He starts by saying he wants to bang one out to her and then it just gets more and more profane. For instance, he lets her know that he's a "good licker"—and then some. It's phone sex of the worse and most unwanted kind imaginable. it seems like some elaborate sick prank, but unfortunately it's all very real.

The poor woman on the receiving end is Jessica Lark, a photographer, who'd been receiving calls from this "company" every day at least once, for about a month. She believes them to be "some kind of credit card consolidation/business loan company."

Her number is publicly listed because of her job, so these people have got hold of it and then "ghost call" her, meaning the number looks like it's local, but isn't and is untraceable, so you can never block them.

So far, so annoying. But then this guy showed up, the anorak-wearing supreme perv of cold calling. And things take a turn for the obscene. Lark, to her credit, deals with it all with good humor. I supposed you'd have to.

But still, it's enough to put you off answering the phone for life.


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